Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Textile Arts

I'm always on the lookout for large scale affordable art and Textile Arts is one of the first places I check when I'm searching for something bold & colorful. They carry some great graphic fabrics by Marimekko that you can turn into art by using one of their easy to use wall hanging kits. Prices average around $100 for for a piece that measures 48" x 54", but there are many other sizes available. Their wall hanging kits include everything you need to assemble your piece of art and it should only take about an hour to complete the whole project. The instructions are pretty simple and all you need is an iron and a staple gun and you're ready to go. If you're not in the mood for a little do-it-yourself action, some of the 24" x 24" textile art pieces are now available "ready to hang", so you don't have to anything except find the perfect spot to hang your new art. Here are a few of my picks from their website:

Textile Arts also sells ready made bedding, pillows, bags and other accessories for the home.

Tip- If you go with a design that has a white background, I've found that you may want to staple a piece of white fabric or a sheet to the stretchers before you staple the design because the wood stretchers may show through to the front if you don't. This will also make the white look a little brighter.

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