Wednesday, October 21, 2009

A Taste of Fall

I'm back from my two week trip to Des Moines and easing back into reality after spending some much needed time with family, enjoying great food, and of course, shopping. It was quite winter-like throughout my visit, but I did get a taste of fall at the fabulous downtown farmer's market.

Des Moines does a great job with their planters, every street downtown is lined with gorgeous and unique arrangements. I particularly like the vegetable themed ones that are in the farmer's market area.

I had to show some corn, it is Iowa after all!

My mom & I all bundled up and clutching our Java Joe's coffee to keep warm


Some very cool condos downtown, they were having an open house so we were able to tour one of the units

It was hard to photograph, but you can see from this photo (of my sister & mom) that it was a very modern space with exposed concrete beams & ductwork, open plan, & lots of natural light.

I'll be back later to share photos from the new sculpture garden in downtown Des Moines and an excellent architectural salvage shop we visited.

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