Thursday, March 11, 2010

Nesting Newbies

I'm really liking the online magazine trend that has begun, though I'm not sure they can ever replace the printed shelter publications that that we all know and love. There's nothing like flipping through a new magazine, feeling each crisp page in your hand, marking the pages you like, or tearing them out to save in you idea file. However, the online magazines are a great source of inspiration and an easy way to get your design fix in an instant gratification (and did I mention free?) way. Lonny seems to be a hit so far and now I've just discovered another one, Nesting Newbies. As the title hints, this online magazine covers topics that help you to feather your nest with decorating, cooking and entertaining ideas.

Here are a few highlights from the current Winter issue, notice all of the black & white rugs:

There's also an easy tutorial for this funky do-it-yourself lampshade:

Have you checked out Nesting Newbies yet? What is your opinion on online magazines?


  1. I have not seen this one yet, but must check it out! LOVE the shots you've posted here. I agree that online will not be the same as the in-the-hand paper variety, but for me, I love the reduction of clutter in my home and love the ease in organizing photos/inspirations digitally.

  2. Love this magazine too...I am liking online magazines, however I agree with you that there is something about being able to flip a page and be able to dog-ear my favorite pages.

  3. We love that lamp shade! will check out the on line mag.

  4. Thanks for sharing Nesting Newbies with your readers! We are working on our Spring issue and know it will help you get your “design fix.”

  5. What an amazing find! I love it! Thanks!