Tuesday, April 27, 2010

paper ink & earth

I received the nicest package of stationery goodies the other day from one of my old high school friends, Katie, who just launched her etsy shop, paper ink & earth. I always knew that Katie was a talented artist and these sweet notecards are the perfect testament to that. I just love the quirkiness of her illustrated designs, the clever captions describing each series, and the superb quality and packaging of her products. Here are some of my favorite designs but be sure to check out her shop to view the whole collection. Congrats Katie!

love these, I wonder why...
{seats} because you can never have enough and your butt looks great in them.

{mentionables} now everyone can see your unmentionables. or at least wonder if you are wearing them.

{doors} the doors I grew up with. the last one goes WHAPP.

{four eyes} better to see you with my dear.

{owl lanterns} inspired by the owl lantern on grandma's back porch.

I love the seats but the doors are a close second...which is your favorite design?


  1. So hard to decide! Love the chairs and the Unmentionables - hilarious! Designs are so fresh, haven't seen anything this appealing in a long time. Will definitely buy!

  2. Very cute! Makes me want to get off the computer and use snail mail.

  3. Chairs! I love anything anything with chairs, these are probably going into my shopping cart today.