Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Etageres...oui or no?

Websters's dictionary defines etagere as "a piece of furniture consisting of a set of open shelves for displaying small objects".  I think that the modern versions seen below are a great way to show off your favorite items, as long as the display doesn't get too knick-knacky.  When arranging your items, be sure to vary the sizes of objects and create vignettes to add interest (I always like odd-numbered arrangements).  Also, it helps to group like-items together.  For example, if you have a green bottle collection, put them all in the same area rather than sporadically around the room to create a more modern look.  Most importantly, keep it simple.  Too many small items can make it start to look like your grandma's ceramic kitty collection (no slam on grandma intended).  I spotted this fantastic oriental-inspired stacking etagere at HomeGoods last week for only $200, but sadly had no place for it...


here's a more traditional option from Ballard Designs

Jonathan Adler Radcliffe Etagere...not sure why it's not called a bookcase, but if Mr. Adler thinks it's an etagere, we'll go with that

a very sleek option


similar grouping of white ceramics via i suwannee

green groupings via domino

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  1. this is such an inspiring group of photos!! love the domino one best.