Friday, August 28, 2009

It's beginning to look a lot like least at Michaels

Let me start my saying that I am strongly against putting Christmas stuff out so early in the year.  It's the end of August and 110 degrees here in Phoenix today... it's not exactly feeling like the holiday season.  I believe that stores should at least wait until after Halloween to put out the Christmas decor, but that's just me and my whole "live in the now and celebrate holidays at appropriate times" attitude.  That being said, I did walk down the Christmas aisle at Michaels the other day and found this non-Christmasy sunburst mirror for only $79.99.  And of course you never buy anything there at full price, so use your weekly 40% off coupon and you've got a screaming deal. 

I didn't measure this, but I'm guessing it is around 24"

The good part about bringing out the winter items so early is that the summer merchandise is on clearance.  Check out these ceramic vases for only $3.59.  (I purchased the one in the middle)

I'm forever in love with aqua glass...these bottles were around $5

So if you can look past their poor sense of holiday timing, it may be worth heading to Michaels to check out some of their end of season deals.  Plus, word on the street is that there are some new Martha crafting supplies coming soon.

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