Wednesday, February 17, 2010

A few happy things...

1. lucite (and the 3rd issue of Lonny)...

2. kelly green & coral color combo...and the gorgeous handmade flowers by Emerson Made...

3. this cookbook that my hubby gave me for Valentines Day. I can't wait to try out the vanilla cupcake recipe...

I've heard that the babycakes bakery in NYC (and now LA) is amazing, has anyone tried out any of the recipes from the book?

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  1. This post makes me happy! Want to make those cupcakes, too! Have a nice day!!

    xoxo, Kristin

  2. I wish I could look as chic as the girl with the Emerson Made flower...and wish I could be as organized as the first picture!

  3. Love the Lucite and LOVE EMERSON HANDMADE!!! Thanks for stopping by my blog...I love finding new readers!!! Happy Wednesday!

  4. oh how i adore lucite! what can i say, great minds think alike. hope you're having a wonderful week my dear!

    xo urban flea ;)