Friday, July 24, 2009

Pillow Obsession

So I've been obsessed with the Jonathan Adler bargello chevron pillow for like, ever.  Something about it makes my heart leap every time I see it used in a space, it's just perfect.  However, the price tag leaves something to be desired.  At $175 a pop, I can't justify spending that much on a pillow, especially since I change my throw pillows like most people change their underwear.  Maybe this pillow could change that, maybe I would be content with it for years to come.  Probably not.  So, being the talented and thrifty girl that I am, I decided that I'm going to learn to needlepoint and make an Adler-inspired pillow of my own.  I picked up a couple of instruction books today at a thrift store and am going to give it a whirl.  I'll be sure to share my results here when I'm finished.  Until then, you can drool over these pics with me...


The bargello waves pattern is nice, too.

My new books, which cost a grand total of $1.25

*photos via: jonathan adler, domino, apartmant therapy


  1. I like the pillow design too; very much.
    I am excited for your interest in neddlepoint. It is a wonderful hobby, and I have enjoyed creating beautiful things. I may develop a pattern for this, and if I do, I will pass it along.
    I enjoy your website.

  2. Definitely let me know if you develop a pattern like this, I started working on it but haven't got it down yet. Let me know if you have any needlepoint tips, I think there are a lot of possibilities with it and I'm excited to get started. Thanks for reading my blog:)