Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Country Girl

I admit it, I'm a country girl at heart. I dream of someday fixing up a cute little farmhouse in the country where the houses aren't 10 feet apart from each other and I can raise little chicks, duckies, bunnies, and whatever else people put on a farm. Of course I would have no idea how to take care of all these critters and I couldn't survive if I lived more than 10 miles from a Target, but I like the idea of it:) So for now, I listen to my country music, take care of my two little yorkie pups, kill everything in my vegetable garden and call that good. Of course I watched the CMA'S last night and they really put on an awesome show with tons of great performances. My favorite was miss Reba who I have a slight obsession with, but that's a whole other story. I was so happy for Taylor Swift who won best album and entertainer of the year. She is such a sweet, talented, and successful girl and she's only 19! I love it when good things happen to good people!

And of course, she looked gorgeous in her simple & elegant dress...

And to make this post somewhat about design, here's how I would translate this classic elegance into an interior:

I have been drooling over this image ever since I saw it at Apartment Therapy a few weeks back. The chandelier is more than gorgeous! That and the small mirrors add the perfect amount of sparkle to this room.

*photos via CMT, AT


  1. Oh wow...that dress--and that room--are both gorgeous!

    I don't even listen to country music, and I think Taylor Swift is adorable! I think the hubby has also developed a little crush after watching her on SNL Saturday night. lol

  2. I wonder what the view is from that window, it would be awesome to wake up to that everyday!

  3. Wow I had not seen that picture, LOVE IT! Love Taylor too.