Monday, November 2, 2009

Who knew?

Am I the last one on earth to see this fabulous studio apartment that Nate Berkus designed for his sister Marni? This small space is jam-packed with serious style from it's layered neutral palette to it's classic details, bright pops of color and well thought-out floor plan. I've always been a fan of Nate's effortless style and he does not disappoint with his sister's home. How cool would it be to have Nate as your brother, also known as your personal decorator for life? Who even knew he had a sister? What else might he be hiding from us?

It looks like cute runs in the family. Love the peacock blue on the back of the bookshelves.

Interesting furniture plan, I'm liking the chaise lounge


Many items in Marni's apartment are from Nate's collection at the HSN. Here are some of my faves from his line:

All items can be found here. Pics from here.


  1. Wow...that space should totally feel cluttered, but it doesn't. He's a genius!

  2. What a lucky sister- I wish I had a brother like that. Although my brother is pretty wonderful, but a designer like that in the family would be nice :)