Wednesday, November 25, 2009


You may have noticed that I have a thing for lamps. I LOVE lamps (& chairs), and I undoubtedly have too many of both. It's not that I go out looking for them, they just seem to find me. The thrift stores and estate sales in my area are full of excellent quality vintage items at very reasonable prices and it's hard to say no to such great deals. Since I have collected so many lamps throughout the years, many of them 'singles', I have made a new rule that I can only buy lamps in pairs unless I have a specific spot where I only need one. I liked the eclectic, mismatched look for a while, but now I'm looking for more symmetry (and this will significantly narrow down my purchasing options). Sometimes I feel like I'm stealing from the nice elderly folks that put on the garage/estate sales because they price their items so low. I mean really, why even sell something if you're only asking 10 cents for it? What are you going to do with 10 cents?

Here are some of my major scores from the last couple of weeks...

I bought these lamps last night at GW for $6 each!

They didn't come with shades (not that I'm complaining), so I'm thinking of something like this:

I think they'll be perfect for my bedroom!

I found these lamps a couple of weeks ago for my back hall, again for only $6 each. I haven't decided what I'm doing with the shades yet because I'm looking for a new console table for this spot:

The glass candelabra was another score at only $2!

And now for the chair that is causing much controversy in my house at the moment:

This chair was FREE! It was sitting outside across the street from an estate sale so I scooped it up and somehow managed to fit it into the back seat of my car. It swivels and rocks, the only problem is that it has a somewhat large tear where the back hits the seat of the chair. I was thinking I could just tape it up with black electrical tape and cover it with a that tacky? I know it is a little bit, but I'm cheap:) My husband says he would really like the chair if we reupholstered it, but hates it the way it is and doesn't want it in the house. Why did I have to marry the one guy in America who cares how his wife (who is an interior designer) decorates the house??? Not that I don't want to reupholster it, there are just a million other projects ahead of that one. Wouldn't it look great with the wood painted glossy white?

Any thoughts on the chair dilemma?


  1. i, too, have a lamp and chair fetish (much to my hubby's chagrin!). the chair ROCKS...definitely worth reupholstering...and soon! also--love your headboard! is it upholstered or painted?

    have a great thanksgiving!

  2. Thanks Rebekah! I'm sure I will end up reupholstering it, it's just that I want to re-do my bedroom, so it may be a while before I could decide what I want to put on it:) For the headboard, I took a large piece of styrofoam from Home Depot and wrapped it in fabric that I found at JoAnn's. It was a super easy project!

  3. I LOVE that chair!! I too live with a male who makes it a point to put in his two sense when it comes to our home's decor. Geeeesh! What do they know?! Those lamps are great too, what a score for only $6 each?!

  4. The stainless lamps are awesome! $6.00?? Definitely a score. I too am a symetry freak and always buy things in pairs.

  5. I'm swooning over those stainless steel lamps! A "score" is an understatement. How did you get so lucky!

  6. OK...I am fellow lamp junkie!!!!
    Awesome scores there and yes love the would be fab painted in glossy white!!!
    I anot a designer...but my hubs too feels he needs a ig "vote' in my decorating it a blessing or a curse?

  7. It's nice to see there are others out there with the same "issues" as myself. I am an interior designer & I too have a husband ( a lighting designer ) who feels he knows an awful lot about interior designer since he works closely with them. Also, I am a chair collector. Vegas has many vintage finds at the thrift stores & I can never pass one up. At one point my husband had counted 34 chairs in our house & dubbed me Chaira a play off of my name Kera & chair. How clever of him. I enjoy your blog. Thanks, Kera

  8. rocks and swivels?? recover and give it to your most chic pregnant friend for her nursery. trust me, it's very slim pickins for anything remotely unique and functional for a wee one.