Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Mirror, Mirror on the Wall

Do you ever browse through your inspiration photos and notice a common accessory, book, or furniture piece? I found this mirror in three of my photos, each time used in a different way and a very different style. The mirror is borderline gaudy on it's own, but as a part of the total composition, I think it works.

I'm definitely a mirror person, and it has nothing to do with vanity. I love the way that mirrors add sparkle and light to a space and can add a new dimension of depth. I'm not sure where the above mirror is from, but I thought it looked like something that could be from Uttermost. While poking around on their site, I found these other great options:

The best thing about Uttermost is that a lot of their mirrors end up at HomeGoods for under $100. A mirror can add so much to a room and there are many affordable options out there.

*via domino, elements of style, uttermost

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