Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Life in the fun lane

I wanted to share a new-to-me blog I discovered yesterday over at Cote de Texas called Life in the Fun Lane. First of all, how cool is that for a name, love it! Holly, the author, runs a business called Whiteberry Reinvented where she spruces up vintage furniture pieces with a fresh coat of paint (usually white) to give them new life with a funky, shabby chic sort of vibe. She also documents her progress as she decorates her home (which she changes quite frequently, I'm sure we all can relate). I knew when I saw these two versions (of many) of her dining room that I would enjoy her blog, and I was right:

I had to post both photos because I couldn't decide which one I liked better...the above one is most current although I think I read that she just sold the large buffet piece in the background.

And I adore the nursery she did for her darling little girl:

LOVE the hand painted armoire, and she got a screaming deal on it. So jealous!

The pom poms over the crib are such a great alternative to a mobile and they add a perfect punch of happy color! (I'm totally stealing this idea someday)

I love the idea of fixing up vintage furniture pieces to make something new and unique. They just don't make furniture like they used to and as much as I love stores like ikea, most pieces have a 3 year life expectancy, if that. I refinish a lot of smaller items like chairs & lamps but I get nervous when I think about tackling large furniture pieces such as dressers & armoires. I'm definitely feeling more inspired to try something more substantial after seeing the great results of Holly's work (plus my ikea dressers are falling apart and I'd really like something new). If you haven't seen it already, cruise on over to Life in the Fun Lane. (cheesy pun intended)


  1. Holly's blog is one of my daily reads! I love it. Very inspiring.