Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Mirrors in Low Places

I always love the touch of sparkle and light that a mirror adds to a room, but I especially like when they are used as a backdrop, or a layering piece to add more depth to a space as in the photos below:

This headboard mirror is brilliant:

This vertical mirror almost looks like another window (love the mirrored table too!):

I love how this mirror blends in with the rest of the art on this gallery wall:

I really like when mirrors are used like this above the nightstands:

I love the bold simplicity of this last photo, the mirrors add a great sense of drama. Do you use a lot of mirrors in your decor? Do you use them in any unusual places?

*via lonny, ruthie sommers, cote de texas, & unknowns


  1. I love this post. Mirrors are a favorite of mine and I love them in interior spaces. The one behind the headboard is awesome and I love the two that are used on the two bedside tables.

  2. I'm a huge mirror fan. I really think they can make a space look double their size. Wonderful images, love the pair over the nightstands.

  3. i too adore that headboard mirror, so brilliant! thanks for sharing my dear!

    xo katherine aka. urban flea :)