Monday, June 7, 2010

Goodwill Finds

Have I mentioned how much I love Goodwill? I know I probably have a million times, but here are the latest reasons why...

It was 50% off day on Saturday and I found a few really great things. I was over the moon when I found this ceramic bird lamp. It was marked $17.99, so I only paid $9 for it! It didn't have a shade, but I already had this one at home (a previous $1 Goodwill find) and I think it's the perfect size. I think these little birds will go live on my bamboo dresser once it gets refinished. The oil painting was $1.50, it's probably going to go in my guest bath with my other waterscape oil painting. In fact, I think I'm going to start collecting these and "wallpaper" my bathroom walls with them.

I also found this framed map drawing for $5.

It was going to go on my living room gallery wall, but it looks kind of nice above my bedroom chair. What do you think?

I found a few other things but didn't have a chance to photograph them yet. They include another lamp (I seriously have a problem), some milk glass cups, and some great sparkly vintage jewelry. I love Goodwill!


  1. I did some thriftin' Saturday myself. My favorite way to spend the day. Thanks for sharing these great finds!

  2. I love that framed map! I think it looks great above that chair. Goodwill is always hit or miss for me. . . I never seem to find as much good loot as other people do there!

  3. Love the map! It's my dream to find something like that there!

  4. Great finds..that lamp is fabulous!!!