Tuesday, June 1, 2010

New dresser

This might be my best estate sale find yet. I've been looking for a new dresser for our guest room and finally stumbled upon this one last week for only $50 (including the mirror). Needless to say, I was knocking down old ladies as I pushed my way to the cashier to buy it before someone else saw it. Ok, not really, but I totally would have if one of those broads got in the way:) A coat of shiny white paint and it will be looking fabulous!

I think I'll be sharing more great finds the rest of the week, there have been a few lately...


  1. gorgeous!!! and i agree...you gotta be aggressive at these sales. my mom and i got totally body slammed at our recent book sale while trying to look at the nancy drews and hardy boys. ;)

  2. I'm jealous - this is beautiful. Hope you'll post your after photos! Enjoyed my first visit to your blog and I'm signing up to be your newest follower!

  3. What?!?!?! That is a great find. Can't wait to see the after!