Friday, September 18, 2009

Black + White + Green

Oh, my sweet black & white, will I ever tire of you?  I think not. Especially when you're paired with green.  So clean, so crisp, so perfect.  The living room below really spoke to me today, I love its imperfect symmetry, the eclectic traditional vibe, and of course that black & white rug!  I wasn't surprised to find I had many other photos with the black + white + green combo saved in my favorite files.  What colors are speaking to you in lately?

It's probably no surprise that I like this combo, considering my blog header:)


  1. Love it! I thought I was the only one addicted to this color combo. My living room would fit right in here as would my wardrobe right now.

  2. I can never get sick of Kate Spade's home! I love this color combo!

  3. Oh my...that bathroom! I'm dieing to redo our bathroom, so this is great inspiration!

    As for colors...I posted on Monday about how I saw a Maxfield Parrish painting last Friday and am now wanting to pair cobalt, rose gold, and black. The contrast was so unexpected, yet totally lovely.