Tuesday, September 15, 2009

For Fall

Fall is one of my favorite seasons of the year, I love it when the air starts feeling cooler at nights and I can FINALLY start wearing my boots & sweaters again.  There's nothing more beautiful than the leaves changing color in Michigan, where I'm from, and that's something that I really miss now that I live in Arizona.   While I love seeing these colors outside, the red, burgundy, orange, and gold tones just don't do it for me inside.  In fact, I've always had a natural aversion to the color red, it's been that way pretty much all my life.  To this day I don't own a single red piece of clothing and I crinkle my nose when my husband wants to buy a red shirt (how dare he!).  Granted, red has its place, but to me it's best used sparingly or as an unexpected pop of color.  I digress.  Since I do like to change my decor up a bit with the new seasons, I prefer to go with more subtle shades of gray, purple, olive, or black for fall.  These images are making me excited for the coming season (too bad it's still 105 degrees here)...

this is about as much red as I can handle

And in my mind, J. Crew can do no wrong.  I want one of everything from their fall collection.

(this is a bit more realistic for my current temps)

Come on, fall!  Get your bad self to Phoenix, I need you now!

{photos:1-3 Canadian House & Home, 4 La Dolce Vita, 5 Elle Decor}

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  1. The J. Crew pieces are perfect! I also can't wait to get back into my sweaters and boots. It's already getting a little chilly here in Boston!